Do Right Foundation
                                    Evil triumphs easily when good men stand by and do nothing!

It is our policy to support and fund non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organizations.

Unfortunately we do not seek uninvited grant applications. We do not have the staff to respond to unsolicited grant inquiries.

We favor organizations that fully embrace our mission and guiding philosophies. Our grants do not have geographic limitations within the USA.

We do not directly engage in or support the election of any government official, nor directly aid the passage of any legislation before Congress.

In compliance with federal regulations, annual reports and other information about our foundation are available upon written request to:

Do Right Foundation
2540 S. Maryland Pkwy  #178
Las Vegas, NV  89109


We appreciate your interest in the Do Right Foundation.
  As a private foundation, we exist to further important ideas and philosophies to make our country and world a better place for all. Please join us in our efforts to make this happen.


Our purpose is to help mankind create a more joyful society. We believe in the joy of learning, innovation and continuous improvement. We promote respect for God and all His creations; family unity; limited government; private property; free enterprise and the rule of righteous law.

It is our aim to support long-term wholistic improvements in the following areas:

Effectiveness of our justice system...restore the values of personal responsibility and rational discretion of negligence and compensation.

Future generations of children...teach our youth and new parents the benefits of learning and applying the philosophies behind our purpose.

Integrity and efficiency of government...through greater openness and truthfulness, and substantial limits on domestic and foreign interventions.

Liberty, responsibility, and tradition...champion that which was intended by the anti-federalist, Christian founders of our country.

Improved health and safety...advance education and acceptance of successful practices and technologies.

Ever-improving quality management...implement Total Quality Managment theories and practices
to help improve organizations whose goals fall clearly within the scope of our mission.

Thank you for your support and visiting our website!